28 Feb 2014
We do much more than orthodontics at Anderson Dentalcare. We focus on complete, coordinated treatment so you can keep your teeth and your smile for a lifetime. One of the important parts of this coordinated care is orthodontics. We treat both children and adults utilizing interceptive treatment as well as complete braces and Invisalign. We tailor the treatment to fit the problem. In some cases it may be that only the lower front teeth are crowded, while in other cases it's the entire mouth that is involved with the teeth, bite and TMJ needing treatment. Because we focus on complete care, orthodontics becomes a natural part of that comprehensive approach, just as we use the other areas of dentistry: prosthetics (crowns, veneers, bridges, implants), periodontics (gum and bone health), endodontics (root canal fillings), preventive and restorative care. And if visiting the dentist isn't your favorite thing to do, we offer sedation dentistry to help with anxiety and fears.